10 Easy and Stylish Hairstyle Hacks

Want to make beautiful and stylish hairstyle on daily basis but are running short of time? Then there are the simplest tricks behind the complicated hairstyles. So now onwards you can also flaunt your hairs in these coolest ways.
1) Basic Work Hairstyle
It comprises a bow-like pattern on the lower neck which can give you a professional look.
• Comb your hairs
• Tie your hairs as you do while making a ponytail but don’t release your lower hairs from the band as shown in the figure.
• Use the leftover hair strand to form a tie-up look on the top in a criss-cross manner.

2) Braids come Bun
Now you won’t crave for a princess like a hairstyle as we have a simple trick for this one too!!
• Make a centre partition and use a hairspray over it.
• Make a single braid on both the sides.
• Twist them at the back sides and merge them with the backside braid and form a fluffy bun.

3) Elegant Bun
Try out this excellent method to shape your braid in an elegant way.


4) The Sock Bun
This may sound creepy but the finishing look it gives can make you fall in love with its style. This is one of the classy ways of making a perfect bun. Just give it a try.

5) Simplest Date look
Want to go on a date or for a day-out? Then you must give a try to this simple and alluring pony-tail which can give you a perfect look at almost every dress code.

6) The Classy Look
Wish for an exceptional hairstyle which can give you a classy look so that you can become the centre of attraction? Then you are just a step away from trying out this one!!

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7) The Party Vogue
For getting this party style all you need is to follow these steps:
• Make a half pony.
• Mould it into a tiny bun.
• Form braids, using side hair strands.
• Arrange these braids by attaching them to the bun at the backside.

8) High Bun
Here are some simple steps which you need to follow for making a fluffy high bun in few minutes. Just look at the picture and follow the steps.

9) Craziest New look
Are you crazy enough to try out this new hairstyle? Then try out this exceptional hairstyle which can give you a look out of the world.

10) Coolest Bun
This one is my favourite and the classiest bun I have ever seen. It is a little tricky hairstyle but once you will have it trust me you are going to love it.

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