10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders

Every woman loves to maintain herself and wish to have a perfect look. But what if she creates a blunder while experimenting with some new beauty hack? I guess this will be the most embarrassing situation for her. But now the question arises why would she will create such a situation for herself? Actually, the answer to this question is very simple. Nowadays there are several beauty arts present over the internet and as a woman everyone loves to try the latest style and keeps herself updated. What creates a blunder is some of these arts need an expert, and if tried by self then it could not result in the same as mentioned over there and can result in an opposite embarrassing situation. Here are 10 most embarrassing beauty blunders

1) The Nail Art Mistake
Here is a clear representation of expectation v/s reality. Have a look.

10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
2) Hairstyle Blunder
Here are some pin interest hairstyles which were tried in reality and resulted in a replicated situation.


10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
3) Nail art was Nailed!
Again a nail art blunder has been shown which was completely different from what was expected.

10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
4) Hairstyle Failure
A new failed version of the modern bun.

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10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
5) Dramatic Eye Shadow
It seems to look beautiful and classy in the first picture but when tried in reality, it resulted in blunders.

10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
6) The reality behind Curly Hairs
Curly hairs seem to be very beautiful and perfect for those who do not possess them but the real challenges in managing these hairs are faced by their owners itself! Here is the real face of these beautiful hairs.

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10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
7) The classy hair knot v/s your insane hair updos
Another hairstyle blunder which can be observed in the picture.

10 Embarrassing Beauty Blunders
8) Sprinkle Lips
A new generation lip art which gives a cool party look. But it looks cool until tried by an expert. In reality, it can give you an embarrassing look for which you will never wish.

9) Heartbreak Hairstyle
Look how beautiful a hairstyle can become the worst nightmare.

10) Mermaid Eyes v/s Monster Eyes
Last but not the least here we have beautiful mermaid eyes v/s horrific monster eyes.

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