10 Facts That You Don’t Know about “Friends” Finale’

1. “The finale tape-record was just like the graduation of high school”: The staff had already made “Friends” yearbooks, that were given to the cast members of the show before to tape-record the show. After the tape-recording, the crew members and the gang were given a piece of foot-pavement as memento outside the central perk.

2. “There were many parties to celebrate show’s valediction”: The final episode has been brought to light in May of 2004, but the finale tape-record was completed in January with the wrap parties. Jennifer Aniston and her husband throw a dinner party at their home on 19th January with the wine bottles which have been saved by the producer, Kevin Bright from the season one. The cast and crew members made again a get together on 22nd January at sole in West Hollywood, before a big valediction that was on 24th January. There were around 1000 people who attended the “Friends” party at Park Plaza hotel, where the Rembrandts were performing the show’s theme song and the cast members were presenting the first scene of the pilot episode.


3. “The few times we see the Ross’ bedroom in the last episode”: First time we see the Ross’ bedroom in “The one with the morning after”, but after that we see Ross’ bedroom the few times in “The one with Princess Leia fantasy” and most of the times Ross was in the bed with Emily.


4. “Splitting the twins up an indication of Parent Trap is the idea of Chandler”: Its the Disney movie, “The parent trap” in reference to which Chandler gave an idea to split off the twins and give them emblem who would reunite at summer camp.

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And if you didn’t have the stopwatch at your hand, the twins of Monica and Chandler are born in three minutes and 46 seconds independently.

5. “The chamber of Monica is reminded by the friends, but not the Joe’s”: It is mentioned in “The Last One, Part 2′, that all the six members have lived Monica’s apartment for some time and also lived in Joe’s apartment at one time, but they happily remember the apartment of Monica only, not the joe’s.

6. “The fans have been cheated out of the six episodes due to movies schedule of Jennifer Aniston”: As the Jennifer Aniston was shooting several movies so the 10th season was cut from 24 episodes to 18 episodes.

7. “No time was wasted by NBC on the fan’s grief due to the end up of the show”: NBC has not wasted time on the grief of fans of the show because it has publicized the DVD of the series finale on Tuesday after the show’s final episode and the fans of the show has not waited for a long time. The broadcast version of the finale, an extended version and the series Pilot were included in the DVD.

8. “The episodes of series Finale was not watched by mostly”: The series Finale was ranked 4th in the most watched episodes of series Finale, behind M.A.S.H, Cheers, and Seinfeld, but still it maintained the record of 52.9million viewers with “The One After The Superbowl” Provoked in 1996.

9. “During the final taping the friends and the former cast members were at the backstage”: The scientist boyfriend of Phoebe, Hank Azaria was the backstage during the final taping of friends as when the husband of Courteney Cox, David Arquette filmed the backstage before the tape began.

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10. “Took a suggestion from Pearl Jam”:


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