10 Fascinating Denim Tricks for Denim lovers

Are you a denim lover or wear jeans often? Then you must be aware of these 10 fascinating tricks which can help in future and can make you a fashion icon.
1) Elasticity Check
If in any case, you wish to check the elasticity of your jeans then you can follow this method. Wear your jeans and perform approximately 60 squats so that it stretches perfectly then check if it regains its shape back or not.

2) Freeze Clean
If you somehow stained your denim and wants to get rid of it then just follow this technique.
• Apply a stain cleaner (Eg: Vodka) on the spot and let it dry.
• Fold your jeans and place it in a ziplock bag and remove air.
• Place the bag in the freezer for about 24 hours.
• Thaw and wear.

3) Longer legs with this Trick
Tucking your shirt/t-shirt, folding your jeans from the bottom and wearing them with high heels and stilettos and make you look taller and slimmer.

4) Denim with pair of ankle boots
If you are planning to wear your ankle boots along with your jeans then you must fold your jeans from bottom.

5) Perfect Jeans and Footwear combination
One may get confused while selecting the right pair of footwear with their jeans. Here is the solution for your problem.

6) Doesn’t own skinny jeans?
If you don’t own skinny jeans and wish to wear your boots along with them then here is the solution:
• Fold your jeans and wear long socks over them.
• Wear your boots above them.

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7) Need colour for your Faded Denim?
A bottle of navy dye, denim dye and 3 gallons of hot water will work perfectly in bringing colours to your denim.
• Take half cup of denim dye and a half cup of navy dye in a bowl.
• Put 3 gallons of warm water.
• Soak your jeans in this solution for approx. 5 minutes.

8) Hemming Jeans at Home
This is quite easy and doesn’t need any expert tailor for it.
• Just fold your jeans from the bottom.
• Cut the extra portion and sew up the remaining one.
• Use iron to avoid creases.

9) Safe washing
For making your jeans durable and last longer than prefer hand washing over machine wash. Also, follow these cool hacks mention in the picture for proper cleaning and removing stains without causing damage.

10) Want to Rip your Jeans?
Wish for a rip jeans? Then here is the solution. All you need is chalk, tweezers, a box cutter and safety pins.
• Mark the area where you want the design using chalk.
• Slice horizontal strips with the help of a cutter.
• Pull threads apart with the help of safety pin and use tweezers for removing them vertically.
• Here is your ripped jeans ready.

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