10 Habits one should avoid to become rich

It is quite common that there is a vast difference between one who is permanently wealthy and one who is not. But researcher Tom Corley is concerned on those habits of both kind of people which creates such differences. After studying and observing both types of people for almost a span of 5 years he came to the following conclusions-

1) Not interacting with new People
It has been observed that 68% of rich people love to interact with new people. Those who reached at financial stability at an early age put a lot of efforts in maintaining their impression.

2) Believing in Destiny
One should choose their path themselves and that’s what successful people do! Approx. 90% of failed people blame their fate as a reason behind their failure and for a better well-being, they waste their money on lottery tickets and other similar stuff as compared to their education.


3) No job satisfaction
One should be satisfied with their job to enhance their performance. About 85% of successful people believe this fact and agrees on this as a reason behind their success.

4) Avoiding your health
Rich or wealthy people dedicate a lot of time in maintaining their health. This includes regular visit to the doctor, living a healthy lifestyle, sports and other physical activities etc. 76% of successful people perform physical exercises 4 times a week and maintain a balanced diet.

5) Not taking Risks
More than 50% of wealthy people believe that one should take risk to become successful and also biggest failures arrive only once in a lifetime as a lesson which should be learnt and overcome in order to move on towards real success.

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6) Watching on Reality shows
Among rich people, only about 6% watch reality shows and spend less time on surfing on internet. Whereas poor people or normal people spend more time and 78% of them do not watch reality shows.

7) Not have a reading habit
Dostoyevsky once said “Not reading means not thinking”. About 88% of rich people follow his words. They read related to professional materials and historical literature for self-development at least 30 minutes a day.

8) Waking Up late
Most of the business tycoons wake up early at least 3 hours before their working day, approximately at 5 am to plan their daily schedule and focus on their projects or devote their time on physical activities. 89% of wealthy people sleep approx. 7 to 8 hours a night as they move early to bed in night.

9) Gossiping everytime
Usually, a successful person will communicate with those people who will motivate them to perform better. They won’t waste their time in gossiping with wrong people. One can easily increase the number of such people around them by visiting cultural events, working as volunteer or being a member of a non-profit organization.

10) Wasting money
One should save their money to become successful. You should learn to manage your expenditure in an appropriate manner. Rich people usually follow this rule-
20% — saving accounts
25% — paying the rent or the mortgage
15% — food
10% — entertainment
5% — car service
And rest they invest in clothes, medicine and education.