Refurbishing a place can be a complex procedure. If you want to make your space look great without shelling money, we have something for you.

It is quite simple to make your home cosier and comfy without investing too much!

1. Opt for frames beyond just photographs



2. Using spatial zoning

Using zoning makes your space feel cosy and rich at the same time. You don’t need to buy fences or racks to separate everything. You could just paint the walls different or try different linoleums for the floor. For smaller apartments and studios, this works great.

3. Decorating ordinary objects

4. Changing the headboard

5. Doorknobs

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6. Highlighting the things that can’t be hidden

7. Go higher

8. Changing skirting boards

9. Don’t over-complicate your ceilings

The cheapest option could actually be the right one. Using suspended ceilings won’t cost a bomb, and they hardly take 4-7 cms of the room height. Why complicate things when you can just paint it and add some good lighting!

10. Creating illusions

Mirrors are perfect when it comes to creating illusions. Placing several mirrors on the wall is better than any kind of decor, especially if you don’t want to put up pictures or posters. They add more volume and light to the space and can be used as a hack for smaller homes.

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3D floor designs

PRO TIP- Never be afraid of portraying your individuality. You will always have room for newer ideas. If you have any hacks for making a space look glamorous, do let us know in the comment section below. Good Day!