10 Hilarious Differences In Men And Women

Biology and Psychology have repeatedly demonstrated that the men and women are different both in perceiving things as well as executing functions. We are all quite familiar with that.

Here, we are going to look at some hilarious behavioural differences between men. From organisation to friendship, these pictures capture it all.

 P.S. The illustrations are just for some added fun.

1. The Bedroom

Women like to organise their stuff and Men can’t find peace in orderliness.

2. Number of Products

Leave organisation aside; there is a stark difference in the number of personal-care products owned by men and women. Men only keep necessary items.

3. The Kitchen

Women like to organise stuff so that it’s easy to locate them. Men may even keep shoes in their fridges.

4. Wardrobe

Women hate to choose. They want them all!

5. Drive Me Crazy!

Men adore cars much more than women do. While men may find a personal space in their cars, women will find it suitable for personal storage.


6. I’m Loving It!

Women prefer to look at the soft and romantic side of a story, while men crave for a disastrous side of a story.

7. Relationships

Women will always compliment their friends, while men will point every bad thing in you.

8. Storytelling

When men tell a story, they do it to make you clear of the situation. However, a woman will make sure that you never get the conclusion of her story.

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9. The Desktop

No explanation needed!

10. Sickness

Women like to cure themselves with exotic home remedies so that their sickness is talk-of-the-day. Men don’t want to put efforts and straight away, call a medic.


If you know of more differences, do let us know in the comments.