10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People

Life hacks-Some people are born smart. Some people want to become smart to get an edge over people. Finally, there are the legendary people who are ‘carved’ by poverty into the most intelligent people. Presenting ten best DIY hacks from across the globe. If Darwin were alive would undoubtedly say, “These people are revolutionary”. Check them out:

#10. The Cheesy Dustpan

10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People


Why waste the pizza box when you can reuse it? The guy who took this picture ate the pizza and returned all the dust in the box. Quite neat!

#9. Two-way Food Warmer.

10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People

This hack lies in the heart of all Students residing in hostels. Don’t own a microwave? Don’t own a grill? Don’t like to turn the food on the pan? Want the leftover food to warm up quickly? Well, this can be the perfect solution to your problems.

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#8. Cool Slippers

10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People

These are probably the cheapest and easy-to-make slippers in the world. How broke can a guy be?

#7. Roger Federer Hack

10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People

Who needs a strainer when you love tennis? She uses her racket to strain pasta or any food.

#6. Ingenious!

10 Life Hacks From Broke And Brainy People

Why waste money on buying a new clock when you can ‘fix’ it with your artistic expertise?

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#5. Ouch, It’s just a couch.

The owner of this house likes to be creative. He put a chair inside a couch to make this ‘beautiful’ piece of furniture.

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#4.  The Car Safety hack

This guy doesn’t like people changing his gears. So, he does this. He must be an apt thinker.

#3. Healthy and Environmental-friendly Hack.

Does the electricity bill give you a stoke? Do you hate to wait until your tea cools? Well, this guy does as well. But what makes him a creative multitasker? He can iron his clothes with the tea pan. He can proudly sip his tea now.

#2. What the Hack?

How do you keep yourself well-groomed when you are broke? This guy must be very miserable. He can’t even buy a new razor.

#1. A Shower at the end.

When you are broke, you can’t imagine buying any bathroom accessory. But why should that be a reason for not having a relaxing shower? This guy must be an engineer!


When life gives you lemon zests, make the best of them.

If you are going to try any of the above hacks, do let us know in the comments.