10 Useless inventions which can make you laugh

There are a number of endless creative inventions which are absolutely useless and are of no use. In fact, they are so weird and senseless that creating them is a waste of time. Here are some of these unusable creations compiled together for you which has been famous all over the internet. Just have a look-

1) Phone charger used as hair band

2) Is it a backpack or a bell jar?


3) Wall design created using pistachio shells

4) Spoons made up of sea shell

5) Pair of crocs used as flower pot

6) Is this a stool or a half human?

7) Cheese grater as an earring holder

8) These little-knitted caps

9) Weird poop emoji pencil

10) Hollow book perfect stand for charging phone

11) Renovated seashell bathroom sink

12) Design inside the drawer

13) Such a Tiny Books

14) This Guitar re-used as Plant holder

15) Cinder block used as a side table

16) Rock carved as watermelon

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