11 Hacks for comfortable high heels

Wearing high heels or stellitoes that too for a complete day is none less than pain initiator. This is one such common problem which every woman can relate to herself. It not only adds a certain height to your personality but also provide several side effects such as intensive pain, blisters etc. Not only this if someone is wearing them for the first time then they might give an uncomfortable posture. Don’t worry here we have mentioned several useful hacks which can prevent you from these side effects. Just have a look at these helpful tips-


1) Freezing them
Newly purchased footwear’s especially heels are tight and uncomfortable. For making them lose all you need is to take a zipper bag, fill it with water and place it in your heel. Then put your heels in the freezer for overnight. Break the ice and remove the bag next day. Your heels will be lose by that time.


2) Using Roll-on deodorant
Applying roll-on deodorants or Vaseline will prevent blisters.

3) Taping toes together
Always tape your 3rd and 4th toes together either with a bandage or paper tape to avoid excess pressure on them which will prevent swelling.

4) Using Dry shampoos
Always wear your feet with a dry shampoo before wearing heels. This will prevent sweaty feet which causes blisters or irritation.

5) Using Vaseline for shining heels
Use Vaseline or other jelly creams for shining up your heels.

6) Using cushions or insoles
Placing cushions or insoles inside your heels will provide a comfortable base for your feet which will give you a great comfort.

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7) Walking properly
Adapting a correct walking or standing posture may provide you comfort and can prevent your legs from swelling.

8) Using dry socks as insoles
Wear your socks and put on your heels. Use a blower to dry them completely. They will work as insoles.

9) Never switch from heels to flat
This will provide your feet to adjust height difference.

10) Using sandpaper for maintaining the grip
New heels usually have a smooth grip which may cause slipping. To avoid slippery situation one must rub sandpaper to make a rough base which has more grip.

11) Soaking your feet
One must soak their feet in lukewarm water for approximately 20 minutes before wearing heels. This will make your feet softer which can easily adjust your feet in heels.