11 Hacks for maintaining your glasses in most suitable manner

Hacks for maintaining your glasses in the most suitable manner. Nowadays, the majority of people wear glasses due to weaker eyesight or maybe to protect their eyes from several radiations. But wearing glasses on a daily basis is itself a challenge. Due to the changing pattern and emerging trends, people get more attracted to those stylish and delicate frame glasses which is difficult to maintain. Here we have mentioned some of the coolest hacks which can help our readers to not only maintain their glasses but also how to keep them safe. Just have a look at these eleven tricks which will change your perception of maintaining.

1) How to find your glasses in the dark?
Applying a bit of fluorescent paint over the case of glasses will assist you in identifying them in the dark.

2) How to wipe them properly?
Never use any regular cloth or the lower corner of your cotton shirt for wiping the lens. Always prefer microfiber clothes as they are smooth and scratch-free and will prevent your glasses from any kind of scratches.


3) How to detect their location quickly?
Always click a picture of the location/room where you placed the last time. In case if you failed to visualize them with your direct eye-sight then you may zoom the picture in your smartphone and can detect the exact location easily.

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4) How to wash their lens?
Never prefer cleansing liquids or other chemicals. Always go for dishwashing liquid soap as they are the best option for clearing lenses.

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5) How to prevent them in colder or cloudy weather?
To avoid the foggy layer on your glasses during winters the best method to opt is apply a thin layer or a pinch of some liquid or soap over them.

6) Where to place them while washing face?
Always remove your glasses and place them either aside or leave them in the room before washing your face.

7) How to repair them?
If you lost those tiny screws of your glasses then use a piece of the toothpick as a substitute.

11 Glasses hacks for people who wear glasses should be aware of
8) What can you do with earpieces?
In case your spectacles are lost and they kept falling or sliding then all you have to do is heat the curve part of the stick and bend them a little lower to make them tight and bend them a bit upper side to make them lose in case they are too tight.

11 Glasses hacks for people who wear glasses should be aware of
9) Nosepieces?
To adjust the nosepieces, place your spectacles on a surface and check how both the nosepieces face each other.

11 Glasses hacks for people who wear glasses should be aware of
10) Which is the most suitable shape of the frame?
For wide-eyed spaced eyes go for thick or prominent look frame whereas for narrow-set eyes opt for designer frames.

11 Glasses hacks for people who wear glasses should be aware of
11) Where to place them while driving?
Never place your sunglasses on the dashboard of your cars under the contact of direct sunlight as the plastic of your glasses will be heated and may alter its shape. Always place them either within the dashboard or in special pockets.

11 Glasses hacks for people who wear glasses should be aware of