11 Magical lines every child expects to Hear

We all know the impact of words on an individual’s mental ability. Words have enough power to build up or break down an individual emotionally. But in case of children, these words carry an impact a ton times. Positive words can enhance their performance by empowering them, build up their confidence and can make them a better person whereas negative words can utterly destroy them at such a tender age especially if they are from your loved ones. They can break their self-confidence and tear them apart emotionally. That’s why it is necessary to think carefully before we speak in front of them. So here are some of the best sentences which one can say to their lovable kids to pamper them or make them emotionally stable. These sentences should be showered by every parent on their kids for the sake of their happiness.

1) I Love You
This is the most soothing phrase which one can use as a parent for their small ones. One should say these three magical words may be at bedtime or when their kids are leaving for school or playground. This can boosts up their energy and can result in a smile on their face.

2) What’s running in your mind?
If your child seems to be depressed, then this saying can remove all sort of negativity from their brain. This can also assure them that no matter what will be the situation you will be always be a backbone for them. This will encourage your kids to share their stuff with you which can help them in solving issues.

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3) I know you can do it!
This is the best possible solution which can cheer up your kids and can help them in overcoming their fears. It can also enhance their performance by boosting up their confidence and eliminating their negativities.

4) I’m Sorry
Being a parent, it’s not necessary that you are always right in all the affairs and apologizing in front of your kids and accepting your mistakes will help in building a healthy relationship with your kids.

5) Be Responsible
Being a responsible parent, you should always educate your offspring for being accountable and answerable for their own guilts. This aids in their maturation.

6) I Forgive You
It’s not necessary to always punish your kids whenever they screw up things. It’s the human tendency due to which committing a mistake is usual especially when toddlers commit it. Showing forgiveness teaches them the right path and avoids them to repeat the same error.

7) I know you’re Disturbed
Being a parent as well as a mature adult, you must maintain a healthy interaction with your kids especially when they are feeling low as in that situation they are in need of a real friend who can help them and guide them in the right direction. So you should take the initiative and always use this phrase as it can make them feel better and can help them in expressing their emotions.

8) It’s Fine! Just give it another try!
Failure is a regular part of life, but still, it’s been difficult to accept. Always remind your kid not to lose hope and never give up. Always keep on telling them that should give it another try. This will motivate them by building up their self-confidence.


9) I’m Proud of you
This phrase will always encourage your kids to perform well and work hard to achieve more. Kids still love to hear compliments especially when the words are from their parents. They are filled with positive vibes which results in their better performance.

10) I Trust You
Expressing your kids that how much you have faith in them will itself workout in enhancing their self-assurance. This will always remind them that they should never commit any mistake which can break their trust completely.

11) A blended version of “Don’t do this” and “Let’s try that.
To develop a healthy relationship with your kids, it’s always necessary to maintain a positive interaction. It is evident that constant yelling at them cannot helps in achieving that. It’s mainly required to replace your words such as “don’t do this” into “Let’s try that” or “Remember to” etc. develop a healthy interaction.