11 ways in which a husband can let down her wife

When two people get married, they promise to love and respect their partners forever. But after several years of marriage, this promise starts fading. Being a husband, a man tries to avoid his wife and her work. He starts neglecting her and let her feel down and that too without uttering a single word. Here are 12 ways in which they can neglect their wives using their gestures in a non-verbal way.

1) He avoids complimenting her efforts
A wife always tries to grab compliments from her husband for her efforts. But after a certain period, the husband avoids to praise her beauty, efforts etc. this makes her feel dis-hearted and let’s down.

2) He keeps no picture of his wife
When a wife never finds her picture at husband’s working desk or as his mobile or laptop wallpaper she starts feeling unloved and ignored. This can lessen her confidence.


3) He appreciates other women’s beauty
A husband should never compliment other women except his wife and that too in public. This can emotionally breakdown his wife.

4) No more surprises for her
A woman as a wife appreciates the fact of being surprised by her husband. It can be a token of love and appreciation. But giving no surprises to her can drop her happiness and expectations.

5) Always busy in his phone
During the initial phase of the marriage, when a couple goes for a date then there is an eye-contact, endless conversation which makes it a perfect one! But after few years when the husband distracts himself from these romantic moments towards his phone then this gesture makes his wife feel unwanted or unattended.

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6) No more cuddles
Cuddling in any situation is the best memory a newly married couple can create, whether it’s on the couch while watching television or while on the bed. But after few years this activity starts to fade away may be due to increase in responsibilities or hectic schedule.

7) He finishes up the last bite of ice-cream
Maybe he did so with the intention of making his wife fit and healthy but this can result in realising her wife unwanted and unaccepted as the way she is.

8) He prefers his Friend’s company over her wife
If hanging out with your friends is becoming your daily habit then you must change it as it can irritate your wife and degrade her emotions.

9) He isn’t jealous of other men
Jealousy is very normal or we can say that it’s a human tendency. But being a husband if you are not getting jealous of other men then this is the most painful thing which you can show to your wife.

10) He takes side of other women
If you are in favor of other women especially those who live in your neighbor and keeps on complimenting them, ignoring your wife. This can really break her heart.

11) Correcting her in public
Correcting her in public maybe with a sweet and polite gesture but still, it can be insulting and humiliating for her as other people are also watching you.