If You Are Over 40, You Need To Break These 12 Fashion Rules

Fashion rules women over 40 should break-When a woman crosses 40, the social perception about her fashion style is expected to be entirely different. Any dress that is a little cool is frowned upon by the world. But, why should it be so?

Why should a woman over 40 wear plain and unfashionable clothes? Rules are for fools; we recommend you to break the age-related fashion stereotypes listed below. Go out and be a little sassy, be yourself.



1. Don’t go sleeveless!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Just because your age has crossed a certain number doesn’t mean you should not wear sleeveless dresses. You want to show off your arms, and you should go for it. There are so many options nowadays that you will surely find a dress that suits you and makes you look attractive.

2. Cut your hair short!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Why would you trim your hair short when you don’t want to? Afterall the length of your hair is not important as long as you find it easy to maintain long natural hair. You can even wear hair extensions to make yourself appear beautiful and charming.

3. Avoid over-the-knee boots!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Wrong! When chosen carefully, a pair of over-the-knee boots can make your legs appear long and elegant.

4. Don’t wear leggings as pants!

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AS long as you get the right tightness (not the too-much-tight kind), you can always wear leggings as pants. Make sure you wear the correct underwear and a tunic-length top that covers up your sensitive areas.

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5. Keep your legs covered!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

If you have toned legs, why should you hide them? Make sure you wear skirts that are no shorter than five inches above the knee. If you want to go for cut-off-shorts, your butt should be at least three inches covered. Go out, be a little and show off your legs

6. Wear all black!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Why would you be wearing something that makes it look like you are always at some funeral? You still have a long life to live. Mix some neutral colors into your wardrobe. Be as lively as you can.

7. Skip ripped jeans!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Wearing jeans that are a little bit ripped won’t make you a hippy. When paired with a low shoe, ripped jeans can be perfect wear.

8. Only wear loose-fitting clothes!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Why would you be wearing something that makes you look like a balloon? The key is that you need to wear clothes which fit you correctly. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves.

9. Only wear flat shoes!

Fashion rules women over 40 should  break

Just like a suit makes a man look powerful, high heels do the same for women. You know that heels give you confidence and power. If you need to attend an important meeting or go out for a special occasion, wear the heels that you find the most suitable.

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10. Wear only one-piece bathing suits!

Remember: You have not lost all your coolness. So, never give up wearing a bikini.

11. Lose the leather!

If you are into the leatherware, make sure you get the right fit for yourself. Do not wear uncomfortable clothes. Leather can give elegance to your overall image, and for a night out, it can add a lot of sultriness in your appearance.

12. Don’t bother restocking your lingerie drawer!

No matter the woman’s age, men always find women in lingerie amazing and attractive. So why should you not bother about your innerwear? Make sure that you restock your drawer with the kind of lingerie that suits you the best as per your age and comfort.