12 signs proving that your woman is cheating on you

One should be aware of these twelve signs with the help of which you can figure out that your woman is cheating on you. Just have a look and observe if they are applicable to your relationships.

1) She doesn’t seem to be interested in intimacy
Maybe this is a sign where she seems to be compensating due to which cuddling and make out no longer exists.

2) She dresses better when she has to go out with friends
When she puts no more efforts of dressing herself for a date with you and she is just reversed when she moves out with friends then it is a clear indication of disinterest.

3) She starts to maintain a distance
If she only maintains distance then she might be doing so because of mood swings or stress but if there is a lack of interaction between you two then it might be due to disinterest.

4) A new friend starts emerging
If she started talking about a new friend with great enthusiasm and at frequent intervals then it may be a sign that she prefers him more over you.

5) She stops interfering
Remember the time when she used to interfere a lot with your daily schedules and always asks about you every moment. If she stops doing so then she is both tired of doing so and left with no more interest in you.

6) Her phone is password protected
When she starts hiding things from you and even keep her phone password protected then she is surely cheating.

7) She stop planning for her future
This seems her interest in you to be faded with time.

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8) She spends negligible time
Now a time has arrived when you can hardly spend any time with her .

9) She seems a lot more cheerful on her laptop
If she seems so changed while she is on her laptop then it might possible that she started dating someone else online or maybe she might be having a conversation whom she considers more interesting.

10) She started including more people in her plans
She does so maybe because of you and your hectic schedule. You were not able to give her time and were always busy on your phone. That’s the reason why she started making plans with someone else. Even at the date night, she involves other friends also.

11) Her interest seems to be disappear
If she isn’t interested in listening to you anymore and shows as if she doesn’t care then this is the sign that she is not interested in you.

12) She starts flirting in front of you
This is the greatest hint if she starts flirting with some other guy in your presence or if she is continuously engaged with someone else and ignoring you then she doesn’t prefer your company anymore.