12 Signs that show your crush likes you more than a friend

It is not easy to express feeling to your crush. We are always scared whether our crush will accept us or not. Most people get friend zoned just to spend time with your crush. Some people think that if we tell our crush our feelings, then they might end the friendship. So when you should say to your feelings? What are the signs that show that your crush also likes you? Do not miss the chance.

Have a look at these 12 signs

1 Their way of looking


Our eyes never tell a lie.Our eyes say everything about us, The way your crush looks at you will tell you everything. If they are not looking at you or looking at other people, then they are interested in you.

2 Mirroring

When they talk to you, they will observe your body language and will pay proper attention to you and will listen to your care.

3 Always make you laugh

They will always try to make you laugh. Mostly girls want this quality in guys. If your guys possess this quality then girl you are going to laugh forever. These types of guys are excellent.

4 Remembering the details

If they always remember the small details, then they like you. They are interested in you, and they still listen to your care.

5 They act differently when you are around

When they are around you, they behave differently. They will be full friendly and will open up to you.Others can also see it.

6 Never say no to you

Men use these Phrases when they are in Love

They will never say no to you for any work. They will always find some way to spend time with you.


7 Jealousy factor is always there

The one factor which shows love is jealousy. When your guy sees you with another guy, he is not going to be okay, and he will get jealous obviously.

8 First, one to notice change

He is the first one to see your difference whether it is physical or it is in your behavior

9 Tagging in memes

You will be tagged in memes and video he likes. This shows that he remembers you

10 Change in tone

When they talk to you, they are very excited to talk to you. Their mood is more energized.

11 Compliments

Not other compliments but compliment such as you look cute while eating or he might give sleeping.

12 Using his hand

According to the science of body language if a person uses his hands more while talking to you rather than taking to others then he might like you. The reason is men wants to make themselves understand that they can give a message to you.

So notice these 12 facts about your crush and find out whether your crush wants to be more than just friends or not? Come on guys go and find out. All the best.





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