12 steps to get a good sleep

Sleep is essential to maintain our physical health.  Getting quality sleep at the right times helps a lot in protecting our mental health, physical health, and quality of life. Lack of sleep affects the functioning of our body and overall health. For the healthy functioning of your brain and body, you require enough quality sleep.

An average person needs 6-8 hours of sleep a day. It is enough for a person and does not harm them. Not getting enough sleep might cause you health problems like heart disease, diabetes, mild neurosis and also adds fat to your waist and body.


Insomnia in itself is a disease that a human suffers. It is hard to fight insomnia, but it is not impossible to get rid of it. You do not always need sleeping pills to cure insomnia, but the environment around you also affects your sleep.

We got information about how to fight insomnia, by following these steps you will surely get quality sleep, and there will be no lying awake nights. Here are some methods:

#1. Room Temperature

It is suggested that the room temperature should be between 60-67F. More or less temperature than this leads to restlessness and can also affect Rapid Eye Movement sleep when the brain is highly active. So, you must maintain the temperature for optimal sleep.

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#2. No exercise before bedtime

While we exercise our metabolism increases, blood circulation and hormonal production also increase. The adrenaline rush in our body makes us unable to sleep.

#3. Stick to the schedule

We need to stick to our schedule and should sleep on time. Our body requires a certain amount of sleep to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having a sleep schedule will help you in getting quality sleep, and you have to follow the schedule.

#4. Lights Out

Light in the room can disrupt your sleep. If you are afraid of dark, then have a small voltage bulb in the room and use sleeping masks. And those who are not scared of the dark can turn the lights off.

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#5. Get rid of the noise source

At night the environment is peaceful so that the sounds can be heard. These sounds like TV noise or engine roars cause problems.  To solve the problem, use earplugs.

#6. Use your bed only

The bed is like home to people. After a long day of work, it is the only place that soothes your soul, and you get a happy sleep. Not sleeping on your bed might cause sleep problems. It is better to sleep at your place.

12 Tips to get good sleep

#7. No coffee before sleep

Drinking coffee is not a good option. Coffee contains caffeine that energizes your body. And at bedtime, you don’t need anything that does not let you sleep.

#8. Sleep when you want to

There are times that we do not feel like sleeping; it is normal and no harm in it. All you can do is utilize that time. Start a reading habit, read books and avoid reading e-books as it is harmful to your eyes. Do not force yourself to sleep.

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#9. Drinking alcohol 2 hours before sleep

This might help you, but when you wake up, you feel tired and nauseous. Alcohol helps in falling asleep faster as you lose your control.

12 Tips to get good sleep

#10. Think of good things

What we think is what we dream. Everything that goes in our head messes us at sleep time. Before sleeping, you should never think of ghosts or any other lousy moment. You should always have a positive mindset and think of good things only.

#11. Bedtime Rituals

Rituals like taking a walk, or a shower before sleep. These things will help you in soothing your body, and you will feel relaxed and can sleep peacefully then.

#12. Sleeping positions

The sleeping position plays a vital role, wrong postures lead to no sleep and also make you feel restless and can cause your body ache. Choose the pose in which you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Do not take too many pillows around you and also the one you bring should not be hard and not so soft.

12 Tips to get good sleep

After following all these steps, you might be able to fight insomnia and get good sleep. Sleep is essential; it affects your health and also your beauty, you get dark circles and look tired too. So, it is necessary to have a great sleep, for the proper functioning of your body and brain and the beauty sleep is also required. Beauty sleep helps in keeping your skin healthy. Getting enough quality sleep keeps your mind fresh, and you are active the whole day. In this busy lifestyle, we tend to sleep less and also the quality of sleep has decreased. So, to get enough sleep you have to follow all these tips and protect your body from various diseases like obesity, heart risks, diabetes, and it will also affect your healthy appetite.

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Good night sleep is essential. So, sleep peacefully and be happy.