“13 reasons why” 2017 mistakes

Netflix teen suicide drama-13 reasons why has become very popular among the youngsters. They are eagerly waiting for next season. Suicides are very common in today’s era. Each day suicide takes place due to mental stress. Teenagers are more stressed and hence as a result suicide ratio among the teenagers is maximum. The main motive of the show was to explain that your life is precious it and you should not waste it by committing suicide. This show is based on a novel 13 reasons why which is written by Jay Asher.

This story begins at a high school going through the motions of grieving the late Hannah Baker. She ended her life by committing suicide.  Before she ended her life she recorded a tape in which she tells 13 reasons why she did so.

Actually, the show was just to tell that suicide is not an option. You should never run away from your problems instead you should face it with courage. But it seems like this show has done many mistakes and is not able to complete its purpose.


Mental health issues

Health issues are not shown in this show, Whenever a person suffers from any problem he might be stressed and it can cause anxiety and mental depression. But in the show, Hannah is not dealing with such kind of emotions. Yes, she gave her life but she is not shown dealing with stress.


The show motive was to tell that suicide is not an option. But they must tell other options also means how can a person deal with that situation. There are some safe options also through which a person can come out of that situation but nothing is shown in the show which is a big mistake. Instead, this show is appealing the youngsters to do suicide rather than stopping.

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Now someone tells me what is the purpose of recording tapes? I mean seriously it seems like she is blaming the people for her suicide. She wanted to tell that who was responsible for her suicide. It seems that she wanted to hurt the people and wanted to make them realize that how she was hurt due to them. If she wants to do this why she has taken her life then?

No help, No hope

We saw Hannah sharing her problems with the school counselor. But this conversation was awkward and embarrassing too as she thought that if she shares her problem she will be able to solve them. When you see that there is no one for your help your all hopes will shatter.

Definitely, 13 reasons show is doing very well but due to some mistakes and flaws, the message can be interpreted in the wrong way also. So I think they should do some changes so that the message can be conveyed easily and motive of the show can also be fulfilled.




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