15 gestures that men find cute about a woman

When you ponder as to what men might like about you, you’ll definitely need to think a lot because every man has his own choice when it comes to women. But, did you know that there are certain gestures related to women that each and every man tend to fall for? Yes! If you have stormed your brain enough to find out what a man might like about you, yet you are unable to find any answers, have a look at this article. Your life will totally be sorted after reading this articles as it contains gestures which will be enough to make a man fall head over heels for you!

Check these out. Oh and, these are more than just your looks or personality.

1. They love getting ready with you!

Oh, you can definitely thank us later. I bet you didn’t know this one before you read it here! Men love to embrace what is theirs. Even if you have imperfections, they will still embrace you because imperfections are, after all, beautiful. Whether it is any party or any other event, make sure to get ready with your man.

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2. They have a thing for letters or messages.

It is no surprise that everyone finds it more convenient to jot their feelings down instead of saying them in person. And guess what, men love sending and receiving such beautiful messages where you pour your heart out. This makes them feel loved and cared for.

3. They love it when you appreciate their taste in music.

Having the same taste in music as your partner is just a cherry on the top. This makes you feel more connected to each other and what can be better than long road trips with the radio jamming your favorite tunes?

4. Eyes convey what words can’t.

Eyes are a mirror to a person’s soul. Eye contact is one of the most underrated forms of communication. Eye contact portrays faithfulness and honesty.

5. Always be by his side.

Always be by his side through thick and thin, in his good times as well as the bead ones.

6. Kisses (not necessarily the intense ones, gentle ones would do)

Sweet gestures like small kisses take your relationship a long way.

7. Laughing out your awkward moments together.

Everyone has encountered a set of awkward moments in their lives. It no longer remains awkward when you laugh them out with him. He will not judge you because there is nothing to feel ashamed about these moments.

8. When you show him your crazy/ weird side.

Your craziness will never bother him. He will, in turn, feel that you are comfortable with him to share your wild side with him.He will then not see you as any other ordinary woman.

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9. When your feet touch theirs.

This will turn their weak spot on because feet are sensitive to touch.

10. When you have OCD.

If you have a way of doing things and like them to be done only your way, your man will love you. He will make sure that things go as you like them to.

11. Remembering the small things.

It is not a big task to remember big things about your relationship, but it takes real pain to remember the smallest of things. And when you bring the smallest of things to your man’s notice, he will love you all the way more.

12. Laugh together.

Being happy and laughing together is the key to a healthy relationship. This makes him feel that he makes your soul happy and that, for him is an accomplishment.

13. Caring for his well being.

When you often hit him up with sweet texts or texts which show your concern towards him, he will feel loved and cared for.

14. Surprise him.

From a 5 years old kid to a 55 years old man, everyone loves a surprise. Take the extra effort to surprise him and make him feel pampered and loved.

15. Be smart.

Be as informative as you can. No man will like a dumb girl. Men love girls who are intellectual and smart to solve their own life problems.