15 Hilarious search results displayed by Google

In this era of advanced technology, where the world has moved a step ahead and the market has become full of competition there are few situations where the market fails due to many factors or the technology miscarries the fact. Even sometimes the biggest search engine i.e. Google fails to display the accurate results due to our faulty input or maybe some technical faults. If the mistake is from our side i.e. the input side then the outcomes are either irrelevant or uproarious. Here we have mentioned some of the silly inputs made by the user at Google and their outcomes were hilarious and amusing. Just have a look at these pictures which are presented in a compilation form-

1) GOT Cats instead of GOT Cast

2) If you accidentally search Ryan Goosling instead of Ryan Gosling

3) Battle Slippers instead of Ballet Slippers

4) Lamb Baby brothers instead of Lamb Broths

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