15 Illustrations That Reveal The Dark Hypocrisy Of Our Society

With the advent of technology and social media, we have seen a lot of changes taking place. The social media was developed to aid people in expressing their feelings, but, with time, it has become a menace. Many people find social media useless nonetheless, are addicted to it. Some people have spread their evil like trickery and harassment on the online platform.

Marco Melgrati beautifully portrays the hypocrisy of people on social media. The illustrations capture the masks that we wear, our condescending and fake concerns that we shower on social media. This article is aimed at bringing forward the dark things that plague our society. Check out 15 illustrations below:

1. When the disease overpowers money.


2. Aladin’s ‘carpet’.

3. Worthless ‘Likes’ and ‘Hashtags’.

4. Reality Vs The Selfie.

5. Portraying Ego

6. Banning the Truth.

7. Our Future?

8. Socrates in action.

9. Is love an illusion?

10. Expectations.

11. Gentleman, love Predator?

12. Real touch becomes a breakthrough.

13. Will that make you a grown-up?

14. Your enemy can’t find you if you mix with them.

15. Growth? Or Devil’s tricks?

Hope you found the deep meaning in these pictures!

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