15 Realistic Parenting Comics, which make you say,”Oh yes, That’s true”

Parenting seems to be an easy task. Others think, what is there in parenting and what is the big deal in taking care of their kids. Those small cute babies are the best thing in the world which one can ever have. But, in reality, it is not at all like that. If you are a parent, you know that how impossible it is to handle kids and then too we come over it. That itself is a very brave thing you do. Many fictions tell about the problems a parent face while raising their kid. But there are few comics too which does this job.

We are here with 15 such comics of all time which cast the real shadow of the life of parents. Even if you are and even if you are not a parent, you must look at this article and consider all 15 things. Because it is either you have faced this, or you will face in future. Trust me no one can get away of it.



Step into it even if you know it is hell:

When it comes to having a kid it is like they are well aware of the circumstances of having a kid. Still, they have to do this. And here is when the complexity begins, when they know it is going to be complex yet they are ready to face it.


Right Is Wrong and Wrong Is Right

Above picture from comic clearly shows how things are. For a kid, the thing which is right to eat has thousands of problems with it, and the thing which should not be eaten is the first thing they want in their mouth.

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No Noise From Kids? What Have They Done now?

It’s not that the noises are the only thing that makes parents worried about their kids, but also when there is no noise also bothers them. In case of kids, Where There Is Quietness, There Is Trouble. Trouble may be of any type, maybe the kid is in trouble or had created something or done something which will create trouble for you.