15 signs which can annoy your partner on a Date

Dating a person especially a stranger is a challengeable task. It is a straightforward chance which an individual is taking without any assurance due to this it contains failures too! Rules and Commitment are the two main reasons behind failed attempts of a relationship. Some couples take their relationship so causally they it becomes difficult for them to hold a serious commitment. Here are 15 worst signs which can easily annoy your partner during a date. Have a look and check out if your partner is showing any of the following sign and is disinterested in you-

1) Pretending
One should never pretend to be someone else just to create an impression on their partner especially on the first date. Always try to be yourself and show the real face of yours to build a strong foundation for ever-lasting relationship.

2) No Emotional Attachment
Never try to fool your partner that you really care for them. In today’s world they are smart enough to observe your behaviour and they can easily recognize that you are not possessing an emotional attachment and not contributing much towards this relationship.


3) Interfering too much
When your partner tries to know every single detail about you so that they can know you in a much better way but this can be too irritating for the opposite partner as it seems to be a lot of interference in their personal matters.

4) Avoids listening
When your partner avoids listening to you it shows a direct sign that he is no more interested or in love with you.

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5) Making your partner uncomfortable
Correcting her in public maybe with a sweet and polite gesture but still, it can be insulting and humiliating for her as other people are also watching you.

6) Forgetting etiquettes
No one asks an individual to pretend but initiating with a sweet gesture such as pulling a chair for her etc. can make her feel special and can develop an interest of hers in you.

7) Being too honest or dishonest
This is another annoying method which is the most common one among these days. Either the partner is too humble and loyal or dishonest this behaviour is usually not appreciated by everyone.

8) Desires for physical relationship only
This is another way which can create a negative impression on the opposite partner if they are in search of true relationship. Not everyone is interested only in physical relationships as expects more in return.

9) In search for “One Nightstand” only
If you want a never-ending relationship then you must express your actual feelings towards your partner. You should avoid those situations in which they start thinking as they were used physically in the name of love.

10) Limiting yourself to just a dinner date
Start inviting your partner whom you’re dating at your family functions and make them realise that they are the part of your family. They will surely appreciate that.

11) Planning poor surprises
One should always think twice before executing your surprise plans to avoid the chances of failed attempts or getting transformed into some huge blunders.

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12) Gifting expensive gifts
Never present overrated gifts which can’t be afforded by you and that too just for show off or for pretending someone else. It is one of the worst idea which can completely destroy your relationship.

13) Not putting efforts for dressing on occasions
It is good to always be in your comfort zone in front of your partner and wear your casual outfit but one should put some efforts for getting dressed up at least on special occasions.

14) High expectations
Never keep high expectations from the person you date. Always remain satisfied with what you are receiving from them as it is the best they can afford for you. Higher expectations kills the love and raises the differences in a relationship.

15) Double date
Double date means a planned surprise or a casual day out with your partner along with family or friends. This might be correct according to your perspective but it might irritate your partner as your personal time is wasted.