15 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

1. Attach a brush to a drill.

Cleanliness is a must and cleaning dirty surfaces is a messier task. But here we have a simple trick that won’t take much time and will save your energy too. Attach your cleaning brush to a drill, and it will clean the dirtiest surfaces quickly, and your house will be shining and sparkling.


2. Don’t leave wet bathroom walls.

After shower makes it a habit to clean the wet walls and remove all the water. Use a squeegee to remove all water from the surface. It is helpful as you don’t have to waste time later cleaning the dried soap scum.

3. Wrap refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap

To keep the shelves and free of dirty spots, cover them with plastic wraps.  As your shelves blog, with the wraps, you don’t need to clean your fridge often from now. But make sure that you clean and change the wrap time to time.

4. Don’t forget about furniture polish.

Polishing furniture time to time doesn’t let the dirt to settle on. It is not a useless item but something you must have to have clean and dust free furniture. You don’t have to clean your furniture more often then.

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5. Don’t make your bed.

Well, this is good news for the lazy people. You don’t have to clean your bed or make it all right. Yes, you heard that right! We have heard that it is better if your bed is unmade as it keeps you away from any allergies. So, leave it as it is.

6. Socks instead of floor rags

The sock cloth picks up dirt quickly and is it makes cleaning easier. Other than the sponge, cover the base of your mop with the sock and wipe the floor. Wash the cloth later as it can reuse. You can read about this tip further here.

7. A newspaper inside a bin

To prevent the garbage from getting stinky and wet, put a paper at the bottom as it will absorb all the liquid and your waste will be dry.

8. Use a brush.

You can use a bush to clean small items. A paint brush can help you cleaning every detail of the piece. The process saves time, and you don’t have to use any other things. You can also read about this tip here.

9. Coffee filters fight dust

Coffee filters have been doing well in the clearing of dust from computer screens, laptops and television. They wipe the dirt smooth without scratching your screens or furniture. Read more about the method of cleaning from this blog.

 10. Add some softener.

To keep your floor cleaner for a long period, you should use fabric softener into the water before washing. It prevents stains and cleans them easily.

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11. Cleaning products for the toilet

Cleaning toilets take a long time and are a messy process. You can save your time by applying the cleaning agent at first onto the whole surface and leave it for a few minutes. After that scrub, it was using a toilet brush and remove all the dirt. The cleaning agent did its work and made it easier to clean the dust.

12. Use a broom so you don’t have to bend over.

You need more ideas on how to clean your bathtub; then you must follow this blog as it gives you different opinions. To prevent bending you can even use a broom to clean it. For quick service, apply the cleaning agent at first, wait for a few minutes and then wipe it. The process saves your energy and is helpful for the older adults.

13. Clean an iron.




Have been searching for the answers? Here we got the answer! You can use salt to clean your iron. All you have to do is pour some salt on the towel and keep the iron on it and let it heat and move it over the salt. We got the idea from this blog, you can check for more.

14. Polish everything to make surfaces shine.

You must use polish to keep your surfaces clean. Especially the chrome plated surfaces need to be polished so that they keep shining. You must wipe them time to time with a few drops of oil and use a towel cloth.

15. Oil copes well with grease.

Dealing with the oil is not easy and to get the stains off is difficult. To get rid of the stains, Put some oil drops on a paper towel and use it to wipe the oven. It will be easier to clean the dirt.

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