15 Weirdest Mascots one have ever seen

Mascots are the most popular and highlighted representatives of a sports team. They are widely accepted and loved especially by kids. They are cartoon characters or dressed like animals and are very large so that they can be spotted easily in a crowd. They are so attractive and adorable that many people take pictures with them and make their kids shake hands with these cheerleaders. But in this world full of surprises there are few sports team which have weird and exceptional mascots which is absolutely a bizarre. Just have a look at these 15 selected mascots which are unusual and creepy.

1) Sammy- A friendly Mascot
This weird alien-like yellow mascot supports UCSC, i.e. UC of Santa Cruz.

2) Keggy- The Unofficial Mascot
This peculiar mascot is an unofficial one which was banned from football leagues in 2006 but returned in 2011 on public demand and supports Dartmouth.

3) The Purple Cow
This cow represents William College.

4) Artie-The Fighting Artichoke
This green pinecone-like mascot represents Scottdale College Community.

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