15 worst outfits chosen for special occasions

We all are really excited about any special event of our lives and the first thing which we plan for it is our outfit. What we are going to wear for that one-time huge event remains a major concern as we all wish to look perfect. But there are some exceptional cases in which some people chose the worst outfits for their big day. It might be possible either intentionally or accidentally but what it resulted in was the most embarrassing situation. Just have a look-

15) This Bride chose the worst wedding dress for her big day. Though she looks happy.

14) She looks like a blossom tree


13) She looks horrible

12) I wonder how she will raise her hands up in the air.

11) Whom do you choose- Team Edward or Team Jacob?

10) She must check out herself just once before she leaves

9) Please don’t tell me that it is a wedding dress!

8) She choose to wear a cake for herself.

7) This is why you should never buy a prom dress Online!

6) She also shouldn’t have bought the dress Online.

5) Only the colour matches not the size and design!

4) See the huge measurement difference!

3) She just appears to be a giant squid in her prom dress

2) Look what they have delivered to me instead of what I ordered!

1) It seems to be like that someone is watching you.

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