16 Important Things About Women All Men Should Know About

Finding it difficult to understand women? I guess it will not be a problem anymore!! Here are some funny and weird facts about women which can help you guys for understanding women in a better way. Here we go-
1) The Logic behind their dressing sense.
Well, this pictorial representation is suitable for every woman in this world but it’s true to some extent!!

2) The Drama Queen
As we all know, that woman is the biggest drama queens but we also agree with the fact that drama only suits women, not men. Right boys?

3) Deep Concepts
Understanding women is not an easy stuff. It needs lots of efforts and energy. Sometimes you need to go till the depths of their problem for understanding them in a better way.


4) Her expected reaction
Here is a picture representing exact thoughts which kept running through her mind.

5) Her Unsteady Mind
A women’s mind cannot remain static. Thousands of thoughts always keep running through her mind which makes her a multi-tasker.

6) Being a story-teller
Girls generally tell an incident in an exaggerated manner as compared to boys.

7) An Impossible Fact
There is no possible instruction manual or a book written on women ever!! If there was any such book then it would be the world’s largest and never-ending book.

8) How to understand her perception
Here is a figure which can help you to visualize her perception.

9) Women’s Calculation
Here is something interesting. A mathematical derivation of women which proves that is the biggest problem. I believe that’s not true.

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10) Living with a Women
Living and adjusting to woman can be a challenging task for you guys.

11) True Fact
Here is picture depicting the reality between boys vs girls friends

12) Wish to be hated by them?
If you wish to be hated by them then you must try to understand them.

13) Never Solving Problem
Women and their problems are never-ending. Don’t believe me? Then have a look at this picture.

14) Want to argue with her?
Beware, boys. Never try to argue with a girl because it can be lethal for you!!

15) Ignoring her?
Never ever ignore her talks. It might raise her temper and could lead towards an argument.

16) Its Beer Time
At last, if you are still failing to understand her completely then you must take a chill pill.

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  • I’ve liked pic of the sink so crowded describes what women’re actually.but not all coz I’m one but I don’t do that and I don’t ware make ups.

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