16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

“Actions speak louder than words”, you must have heard this now and then. It is something important in your relationship: ACTIONS. Every small gesture you do for your partner means a lot. Sometimes it’s not the actions that speak, but the silence between the two also matters; it is an art to understand one’s silence. Not everyone is good at talking about their feelings; all you have to do is observe them and their gestures for you.

It can be challenging to crack the shell, but there is something we got for you that will help you in understanding your partner and the love you two shares. We have listed 16 ways to find out in what direction is your love life going.

  1. The Everyday Superman

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not


Superman, Batman or any other superhero they look good on the screens, but your guy doesn’t need to be a superhero to protect you. The small things like making sure you reach home safely; drive you to places; make sure that you are okay. These actions mean a lot, but they should also share their feelings and keep telling you how much do they love you and care for you. But, if he is unable to share his feelings; try to understand his emotions through the gestures they make for you.

  1. Another Fight!

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

Couples do fight and argue on petty things, and it is normal; but if the arguments and silence treatment continues, you should start thinking about it! It is time that you two shall take a break because you two keep provoking each other in fights and keeps on increasing. So, it is better to sort things out and make a little time to understand relationships.

  1. Give each other space.
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16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

You and your partner must give each other space. To be in a healthy relationship, the first rule to follow is to provide space. He cares for you but gets overprotective about things, and this makes the bond weak. You two should trust each other and respect each other’s priorities. You both should encourage each other to be a better person and appreciate the efforts you do for each other.

  1. Forgets about the Date Night? (Big problem)

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

Your lover can ditch you at times, but if it continues, it is time to rethink him! Promises are to be kept and not to be forgotten. You should be sure if he keeps on neglecting you, cancels the plans at the time, then how you can be sure that you are one of his priorities?

  1. Supports your style

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

If you have got the one who supports your style and likes it the way you are; then he is the keeper. Whatever you wear and even the make too heavy or too light, it is all perfect for him. Whether you sport the latest trend or wear it the geeky way, he is still in love with you. He will keep supporting you at every step as he loves you for who you are and not what you try to be! Looks don’t stay, but the heart does.

  1. The Rain on Your Parade

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

A perfect boyfriend doesn’t exist! Agree? Does your boyfriend criticize you on small things? Does he support you every other time? If he doesn’t encourage you, then you must start to think about your relationship.  You need someone who supports you, agrees with you and doesn’t criticize you for small things.

  1. Be A (Drama)Queen
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16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

You shouldn’t get emotional every other time. Sometimes, you need to break down to settle things, but it isn’t the option every time. If he loves you; he will love you at your best and also at your worst. You are his queen even if you throw tantrums at him; still, he is going to love you, that is what real lovers do!

  1. Conceal, Don’t feel

16 Ways to tell: If He Loves You or Not

Don’t be controlling over your partner and don’t even let him control you and dominate your decisions. You have to let go such a person who controls you. It is not acceptable in a relationship. You two require space and not dominance.

  1. Kiss and make up

Fights keep happening but what matters the most is how you resolve it. Arguments are a way to test your bond and also how you choose to end it.  So, if he always makes it up for the fights at the end, then you should not let him go. You must appreciate his efforts and do something for him too.

  1. Finds the best in you

Always provoking you to fight things? Let him go. If he keeps testing you and your anger, then he is not the one to be held. You should dump right away!

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  1. The Best deserves the Best.

He shall always treat you like a princess and for that, he doesn’t have to buy any castle or get you a throne; he can make you feel special in many other ways. Gives you his 100%, takes time out for you, takes care, and much more is there in the list all the sweet gestures he does to keep you happy. He is the man you have been searching for all long: Prince Charming.

  1. Selfish Shellfish
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It is the most important: To treat yourself right, when in a relationship. To keep your relationship, you must not forget yourself. But, this doesn’t mean that you will always be selfish. You shall think of the different sides too. You should prioritize your partner but keep yourself also a priority. If he is selfish and never puts you first, then leave him.

  1. Keep the dream alive.

A man should value their partner’s goals as much as they appreciate theirs. He should keep supporting you and encourage you to chase your dreams.  And if he always values it, then you mustn’t let go of their efforts in vain; better appreciate them for supporting you and encouraging you. You should also help them at every step.

  1. The Difference of Indifference

Sharing your happiness with your man and not getting any signs of joy or anything then it is also a sign. If your man doesn’t show any interest in your talks and your happy moments, you’ve got to get out of it a real man supports and appreciates his partner whatsoever the thing is.

  1. Easy Breezy and Little Cheesy

If he keeps on helping you with daily chores, gets the groceries and helps you in other works; you should keep him then. He is a gem, and you must not let him go.

  1. Ignorance is not a Bliss.

Why are you with him, when he doesn’t even keep you happy or doesn’t appreciate your efforts? Just say bye-bye, because he isn’t even interested in you and all the things you do for them.

Just keep these points in your head and have a healthy relationship.