20+ Amusing Supermarket Finds That Will Make Your Day

We spend a lot of time buying groceries, and, according to Time Use Institute, we spend about 53 hours per year in shopping groceries. Given the vast number of items in stores, we often stumble upon funny things.

Check out these funny and hilarious items from the supermarkets across the globe.

1. Can you find one?


2. You can be a cat lover and a dog lover at the same time.

3. Does the size matter?

4. Oh, I didn’t know that!

5. Am I colour blind?

6. Belly-filling.

7. Gladly, you can see into it.

8. Have fun catching some fish.

9. What to do?

10. Don’t you think that the knife would fit inside the package?

11. Please note.

13. Can you find it?

14. Intimidating!

15. Reverse Psychology?

16. Take due notice of this.

17. Sounds nasty!

18. When life gives you lemons, make orange juice out of them.

19. This is what happens if you do not pay attention to maths.

20. Are grapes sour?

21. A new kind of watermelon has been found.




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