20 Funny Order Fails

Shopping online is very interactive. We have a lot of varieties to choose from, however; we often purchase goods online in a hurry and miss to read the details of the products. If you do not check the fine print, you are more likely to get disappointed when the item arrives at your door. It is recommended to look into the product information carefully before placing an order.

Some online stores often mislead people, and you end up receiving a product that looks completely different from what you had ordered. The only good thing is to laugh at it.

Here are 20 amusing order fails and misleading adverts from the internet:


1. I wanted it for my niece!

2. Did it grow on the way?

3. My wife is a pro.

4. Monstrous!


5. A talented florist.


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6. A heartbreaking sprinkler.


7. An Oreo shake?


8. It turned out to be a disaster.


9. It wouldn’t even cover my daughter.


10. My wife knows how to use a cake mix, literally.


11. The only thing that floated was the disappointment.


12.  I wanted this for my mom. Aladin, are you listening?


13.  I got poop toast from the iHop.


14. For those who are on a diet.


15. This cake would give Elsa a heart-attack.


16. This skirt wouldn’t even fit my thigh.


17. Was this meant for aliens?

18. Little Mermaid?


19. This is so misleading.


20. Pretty Close!



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