20 Hilarious Hotel Fails That Will Split Your Sides

We all like to check the details about a hotel before venturing out to travel. We see the deluxe rooms and services that many hotels show in their profiles. The pictures provided by the travel agencies are often sugarcoated. It is not a difficult task to add appealing colours and exaggerate the quality of hotels.

But, when we check into a hotel, our hopes are shattered by the reality. The rooms, products, and services that are provided in hotels are entirely different than what the brochure or online portals advertise. Your expectations of spending a luxurious timeout are thrown out of the window when you enter the hotel room. Speaking of windows, check out the last picture.

Check out the hilarious photos of hotels that turned out to be a bummer!


1. The Hotel I Stayed Provided This Wifi Password.


2. This Chinese Hotel Wants You To Abide By Their Rules.


3. A Master Showpiece Indeed!


4. To Smoke Or Not To Smoke?


5.  User-Friendly Bins Want To Hug You.

ordinary things which can destroy your vacation in abroad