20 Images About Marriage That Will Split Your Sides


Marriage is not just about finding the right person who is perfect, but, it’s about finding a person with whom you can be perfect. It is critical that a couple works for each other in every situation.  Your husband or wife should have a knack for handling all your vexing and trying weird quirks.

Below are some hilarious pictures that every couple in the world may have done in their life. From comforting a woman with a bloated tomato to witty notes, you will nod and laugh in agreement. Enjoy!


#1 My Wife Added The Last Part.

#2 When I Asked My Wife Where My Eye Drops Were. She Responded,“ In The Bedroom On The Tv Stand Under The Lightswitch Slightly Trapped Between The Wall.” 

#3 My Husband Always Knows How To Make Me Feel Special. This Is What He Did On My Birthday.

#4 I’ve Hung Anything Sitting In Our Garage That The Wife Says We Can’t Get Rid Of. Have A Look!

#5 I Added Whiskey To My Husband’s Coffee. Look At His Reaction.

#7 We Spend All Night Trying To Get Our Cat To Turn Off The Lights Because We Didn’t Want To Get Out Of Bed 

#8  My Wife Was Not Amused At My Custom Shirt During Her Labor.

#9 Now I Will Never Forget To Bring My Lunch To Work.

#10 I Couldn’t Open My Wife’s Phone. Her Password Was Our Anniversary. 

#11 Marriage Is All About Comprises. My Wife  Wanted  A Dog. And I Didn’t. So We Compromised. Meet Copper.

#12 When You Ask Your Husband To Pack Your Lunch

#13 My Wife Left Me A Note And A Nude.

# 14 Marriage Is About Doing Everything Together.

#15 My Wife Always Stops Mid Argument To Take A Selfie With Me.

#16 Our Love Is ‘Magnetic’.

#17 This Is What Happens When Your Wife Lets You Decorate Things.

#18  At My Wife’s Family Reunion After 4 Years.

#19  My Grandpa Will Still Pull Out His Road Atlas To Prove My Grandma Wrong

#20 I Made A Naughty Show For MY Wife


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