20 Most Weirdest Sights on Subway train

In today’s world, everyone is so much busy. They always want to reach their place as faster as they can.  And the best transportation for this is underground transportation. The route through subways is quicker, most comfortable and cheaper. But all the passengers are a mixture of society.They may have a right person, wrong person, slackers, heroes, villains and much more.  Exciting scenes always happens in these subways. So let us look at some of these craziest and weirdest scenes which will make you laugh.

1 Playing violin

To stop a baby from crying a man playing violin during his whole journey.

2 Text on the bag

“This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of Arabic language” This was written on the bag in the Berlin’s U-Bahn.

3 Crow as a pet

A girl with her pet Raven was caught sitting in the subway.

4 Shit just met real

5 Girl hiding something

This is funny; A hidden traveler was there.

6 Next station: The ninth circle

7 Hamster on ride

A man along with hamster on a workday.

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8 Dogs are not allowed

Everyone knows dogs are not allowed in NYC Subway but wait they are permitted when they are in a carrier.

9 Are new yorkers cold?

These two strangers got this full bottle of wine as it rolled out from under a seat. They drank it.

10 Sitting on an underground train with Gandalf/Magneto

11 On the occasion of Halloween

Here are the winners of Halloween

12 A typically Asian Metro

Some passengers wore the dresses of power rangers.

13 Pikachu

Subway was seen with Pikachu. Is’nt it awesome?

14 Emotional one

This is the most emotional ride on NYC Subway.

15 Cabbage Kippah

A man was seen wearing this.

16 Half Animal Half Human

It is interesting to note that half humans are also allowed in the Subway. No ban on them.

17 A regular ride

A regular day on a ride from Queens to Manhattan.

18 Amazing Book title

A book title reads ” How to meet women on the Subway.” Someone, please hide that book!

19 Kim Jong Un getting ready to do some sightseeing

20 Cool Traveller

Ready to travel in a stylish manner? No seat in Subway? Try this out.