24 Times The Wedding Photographer Totally Nailed His Captures

Serious prep, irritations, lots of happiness and money- part and parcel of a wedding. Humour is just as important to add some crazy vibes to the wedding! We have some photographs for you today, so funny that it will shake you from your hook!


Jumping in such dresses may not be a good idea.

She is so confused.

When you feel that you will always be the third wheel.

“Just before almost losing his eye-sight”

“Getting married on Halloween Night.”

“Uh Oh. Wrong timing”

“The couple felt motion sick, right before the reception”

“The dog is family too.”

“When the duo is not as tall.”

Why do I have to do all this?

Not indeed a wedding person.

Kids do not like weddings, I repeat.

Oh, what a time to pass out.

Making him kiss the dirt before the bride.

“Navy wanted to trespass their ceremony.”

A once in a lifetime kind of wedding photo!

Forget the cake, bring me shawarma!

“We all love this photo, for varied reasons.”

Did you see that the groom has only one shoe on?

“My wife has found her sleeping spot right before the wedding.”

“Worst guest spotted”

“She wanted to save the newspaper from the wedding day.”

Trying is his last ever chance.

Which ones did you find the funniest? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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