25 ‘Advanced’ People Who Live In The Future


 The Twitter user, @MyFavTrash, tweeted on May 2017 “Living in 3017”. The tweet gained over 18,000 retweets and 41,000 likes! With the continuation, we have put this phrase to good use in the following hilarious pictures.

Check out the people who are living a thousand years ahead of us.

1. This kid can talk to the bricks.



2. A kid in a UFO.

3. This man knows how to trim the nails of a grouchy dog.

4. When an engineer nannies.

5. Survival expert.

6. When your toilet isn’t comfy enough.

7. The Underworld!


8. The future of hair-trimming.

9. Putting plaster to good use.

10. Master of disguise.

11. Can you make a toast sing?

12. Inspired by the Chinese Bird’s Nest.

13. This guy knows science.


14. No need to blow your noodles.

15. Windows to the future.

16. This guy did this throughout the game.


17. This house is already in the future.

18. Low-tech or high-tech?

19. Keep rolling!

20. The future of fashion.

21. An open shower.

22. Why would someone do such a thing?


23. Balancing shopping and exercising.


24. This kid wants a personal pool.

25. The same kid later.




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