25 awesome gadgets and inventions you need to know

Scientists and product designers are always coming up with new ideas and emotions. They are continually making new gadgets to make our life easier.

So let us look at some of the new inventions and gadgets that you need to have in your life. So here are these devices which are brought to us by 9gag.

1 A numb handless cuddle mattress

A mattress that makes it easier to cuddle. It is divided by a series of slats so you can slip your arm down into the bed and around your partner.

2 Tug Plug

Make pulling plugs out of sockets easy with these plug tugs. They fit around three-pin caps and give you a flexible handle to make removing plugs simple.

3 Keyboard for smartphone

If you find typing stuff, then you can use this keyboard for typing. It folds up and has a carrying case too.

4 Non-messy soap holder

5 Ground-mounted trampoline

It provides safety. That’s why it is good for us.

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6 A dedicated Nutella knife

This invention is excellent which reduce our work. This knife is used to clean Nutella jars instantly.

7 Plugs in your bed supports

We should give the prize to that person who invented this. We all are lazy today, and we all want this badly.

8 A cutting board that measures weight

This tool will help our moms in the kitchen.

9 Shoe net for your washing machine

You need to wash your shoes manually. All you need is that gadget that is shoe net for washing machine

10 Pocketable light bulb

This is better than a flashlight on your keychain. This tiny bulb fits in your pocket comfortably.

11 Edge painting tool

This tool will cut your painting time in half. It contains an excellent brush which guarantees sharp edge.

12 Pasta strainer

Pasta strainer is a kitchen tool which strains liquids from pasta. This is a fantastic tool.

13 Toaster knife

When you cut your bread, it will automatically toast it also.

14 All ears open pillow

15 Head sensitive LED

The LED lights in the shower head are powered by the water current and change color to correspond with the temperature of water.

16 Doggy Purse

This is the best pet travel carrier. It is very soft and comfortable. So you can do jog while taking your dog along with it.

17 Waterproof touchscreen keyboard

This waterproof touchscreen keyboard is just excellent. Now you need to worry if waterfalls on your keyboard. This is only a great invention.

18 Flip Flops with built-in coca cola dispensers.

Technology has hit a new level of advancement.

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19 End table with builtin breakfast table

Well, we are very much lazy, and we often think it would be great if we get breakfast in bed only. So this is the perfect gadget for you.

20 Long Distance Relationship pillows

Are you in a long distance relationship then you need to check out this fantastic pillow.

21 Gel Refrigerator

This is also one of the cool inventions you need to know.

22 Odor-free,3-D printed scratchable casts

A 3-d printed cast is made from scratch. Broken bones could get a healing assist from 3-D printed actors custom created to support the injury while still giving plenty of space to breathe.

23 Dog Bath Tool

The portable bathing tool that allows you to bathe your pet practically anywhere and anytime with virtually no mess.

24 Shot chess

The glass chess Set adds a new twist to the classic game of strategy.

25 Nutella jar lock

If you are Nutella lover, then you are inevitably going to love it. So that no one can steal your Nutella.