25 Awesome things only 90’s kids will remember

Remember those days when you were busy playing Mario for hours or you used to wear those long and shabby clothes even at you’re teenage!! Well, here we have mentioned some of those favourite memories of yours which can be remembered by only a 90’s kid. So if you are one of them then you must take a look at these 25 coolest collections of your time which can help you in recalling your time.

25) When these were our mode of social communication

24) When high heel footwear’s were an ache


23) When your Tamagotchi died because he was not fed properly

22) When your mom is busy in playing Mario from your side

21) When you were the first among your gang to have a computer

20) These were the coolest video games of those times as compared to those expensive Play stations

19) The most common symbol, present at almost every single page of your notebook

18) 3-D images of those times

17) Coolest hairstyles of nowadays were a blunder created by hairstylists of those times

16) Even your pets used to play simple games

15) Most breath-taking moment during this game

14) Tangled Bangles

13) When you used to rent video cassettes and they were jumbled by your siblings at the time of return

12) You used to mimic your favourite by copying the dress code also

11) When your parents make you wear those long and shabby dresses

10) Remember these “All-in-one” coloured pens??

9) And these beautiful stick-on earrings. Remember these?

She used to take 50 selfies in day, checkout what happened

8) Everyone’s favourite cool ring-toss water games

7) When your personal sticky spinner sticks everywhere

6) Those Walkman which makes you the coolest person

5) Your parents bought you tear-free shampoo and you knew that everything was a falsehood.

4) Those exceptional puff hairstyles were the best of those times.

3) WordArt made you the best graphic designer of your time

2) These Polaroid cameras made you the best photographer

1) When these were the only cellphones of your time.

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