Let us look at 25 humorous parents who are too good with their jokes! Scroll down.

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1. This couple went to Disney World and posted this snap. And guess how his parents responded!


2. Dad sure is wise.

3. His son demanded ‘cold-hard cash’ for his birthday.

4. What a cosplay!

5. If your parents can’t embarrass you, you are adopted!

6. The girl challenged her father to do this!

7. She needed an iPad…

8.  His dog took over his room after he left for college. His dad sent this as proof.

9. He sure has some creativity.

10. Requesting your dad to bring you something to school can lead to…

11. His parents got him a cake on his 21st birthday.

12. Explanatory signboard.

13. His daughter was scared of being stuck in a computer w=after watching Tron. So he did this!

14. Simply wow.

15. Not finding your hair extensions leads to this.

16. What his dad prepared for him so that he could fight the bullies.

17. His mom ran out of picture frames. Hence, Disney.

18.  His parents are definitely trying to give him a message here.

19. Parents were trying to refurbish the kitchen.

20. Parents decided to modify the One Direction Wall.

21. Super proud parents!

22. Dad asked the guy who delivered this king-sized bed to take this picture.

23. This is how my parents pranked me on my birthday!

24. How this dad enjoys the tax returns!

25.  His dad’s message- “Look at my office building.”

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