5 Eyebrow blunders one should abstain

Thick or thin, bright and shiny, etc. these are the only qualities which add beauty to our eyes by glowing up our eyebrows. But while shaping our eyebrows to perfect or while maintaining them, sometimes some basic mistakes can ruin our hard work. Here we have mentioned some of the basic mistakes which one should avoid while maintaining their eyebrows.

1) Broadening the eyebrow gap
Some women have the habit of tweezing the initial hairs of eyebrow which are present near the gaps between the two of them. This is one of the basic and unnecessary mistakes which they commit as it results in the broadening of the gap present between two eyebrows. This will give an inappropriate look.

2) Colouring eyebrows to that of hair colour
Just because of some new fashion trend, never colour your eyebrows especially matching to your hair colour. This will be the biggest blunder one can opt for.

3) Avoiding their natural arc
One should never avoid their natural shapes or arcs of their eyebrows especially for fulfilling their desires of adopting new shapes and forms. This can disrupt your natural look and maybe result in a fake and dramatic look.

4) Hiding less growth
Many of us will have thin and less dense eyebrows which looks imperfect. To avoid such look, the best possible solution is using an eyebrow pencil. This can provide a rich and dense look and can help in maintaining natural looks.

5) Tweezing of upper edge
Over-tweezing the upper edge can result in a rough and unnatural look as it disturbs the natural edge. So try to avoid it.

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