5 reasons to attend the ADdays conference

Are you eagerly waiting for the ADdays Eastern Europe Marketing Conference to happen? Well, if you are a blogger, content marketer or a digital marketing consultant residing in Europe, you must be!

As we all know, the Eastern Europe’s digital market is expanding rapidly. Keeping this in mind, ADdays are organizing their third conference in Budapest, Hungary, looking forward to all the digital marketing enthusiast to come forward and participate in the event. The event is scheduled to be held in March. Entry passes on sale, so be sure to book one for yourself asap. The advanced pass costs 99$ while the VIP pass costs 150$ and come with additional perks.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be a part of this conference.

1. Learning Opportunity for Lifetime

No matter how experienced you are, there is always a scope for learning. You, me, every one of us can learn. ADdays brings to you some of the best speakers in the community from over the globe to speak and share their experiences with everyone present there. They also talk about upcoming trends and patterns developing in the digital marketing era which can help you strategize your work and make it future proof. This reason alone is enough for attending ADdays and other such experience.

2. Networking













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The marketers of today confine themselves to the virtual world of the internet only. Although they do have a lot of peer friends, the distance limits them to meet in real life. Even competitors from other regions are an opportunity to get to know the best practices and also get referrals. By not interacting with the community, you limit your own success. ADdays is such an event, where top digital marketers of Europe and other parts of the world gather together to interact with each other and make this community a better place for all. This can help you uncover ideas and ignite your inspiration when you meet your peers on a personal level.

3. Make Yourself Known

Networking is not just about meeting others and getting to know them, you can even make your presence and be the expert in your field of interest. It is always a good idea to present your work and get feedback from a variety of people who do a similar job as yours. This will make you more confident about yourself and your works and also gives you a new perspective on your work as others look at it differently. Such insight gives you an edge over your competition and can help you grow your business manifolds.

4. Travel Around!

Business is not just about profit earning. It should also be rewarding and fun. Being an entrepreneur is great as every other country is trying to be more innovating and pushing entrepreneurship as a career. This is truly an opportunity to travel around to not only learn and have fun but also to expand further. ADdays adds an extra layer of social aspect in your work life and helps you in branding your efforts over the globe!

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5. Learning From Intriguing Exhibitors

Most of the people are reluctant to check out trade exhibit hall at conferences as they fear to communicate with a professional salesperson. However, that’s where the treasure lies. These industry supplies are some of the best people to get to know in your field. They can help you learn more about the current trends and supply you with tools to take your business to another level.


This year ADdays digital event will be held in the capital of Hungary
InterContinental Budapest on March, 3. All information about the placement
check here – http://budapest.intercontinental.com/en/.
Want to join? Contact managers (you can find info on the homepage) and check
all details you need here: https://addays.com/addays-eastern– europe.
By the way, tickets (Advanced and VIP) are already available for sale and you
can buy them now with special discount – https://addays.com/addays-eastern-
europe/buy-tickets! So, hurry up, my friends, time is running and ADdays Eastern
Europe is near at hand!