5 reasons to start using UpLive App

The Uplive is a Live-streaming app that boosts cross-cultural across the Middle East. The best Video Social Media developed by Asia Innovations Group (AIG).

5 reasons to start using UpLive App

Uplive – the leading live video-streaming platform. Connect, interact and broadcast around the world! Experience the most popular video social media! Millions of people around the world gather here! Let the world know what you are thinking, seeing and feeling!


The Launch in Dubai took place on 24th April 2018 at 2 PM at JW Marriott Marquis. The team from China had flown down for this exclusive event. With a vision of Business networking other delegates from Telecommunications, SmartPhone companies, IT, Real estate, Automobiles, Maquillage brands, and other luxury brands graced the event with Press Media coverage by top companies in UAE. The event went on until 6 PM and was followed by a Dinner at Kitchen 6, hosted by the AIG Group Limited.

Here we’re giving five reasons why you must start using the Uplive App. 

Showcase your Talent

5 reasons to start using UpLive App

Either you love singing, dancing or any other thing. With the Uplive app, you can broadcast your talent around the world to millions of people.


5 reasons to start using UpLive App

You’ll never get bored with live streaming on UpLive. but when you need to take a break, there are a lot of games available in the GameCenter of the app.

Live Shows

5 reasons to start using UpLive App

Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers, music prodigies, fierce talk show hosts, big eaters, comedians, etc. do live shows on the Uplive app, which means full entertainment for the viewer. This is amazing to spend your boring day too. <3

What Does Your Fist Says About You


Chat and Real-Time Translation

5 reasons to start using UpLive App

On the UPlive app, we can chat with the show hosts and get connected with them. Apart from that, they provide a real-time one-click translation. This feature is beneficial for many users around the world.

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Short Videos and Social Media

5 reasons to start using UpLive App

We can record short looping videos on Uplive and we can also share our live streaming highlights or everyday snapshots on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


There are many more features in the app. we suggest our users try this app once. here are the links to the app for iOS and Android Devices.

iOS: Install Now

Android: Install Now