5 Steps to a More Financially Independent Self

It is a firm belief that in a job market there exist two classes of workers: one, of those, that do hard work and the other, of those, who do smart work.  Hard workers may show loyalty towards their job or personal business yet at the same time be unable to see a credible success in any of the fields. Smart workers, on the other hand, are always in search of a quick way out just to make some easy money. However, neither of the approaches individually works out to be the best. Financial stability is only possible by balancing the two approaches with a specific amount of conscious decisions on one’s part. Some steps that discuss this are given below:

1. Learn to value yourself for the work you do

More often than not a worker will find himself not taking commendation for a job he did just to make sure the entire team looks good. This, however, while working your place up in an organisation, is understating your potential. Even so, while credit should be given when due, you should always take credit for the work you do, instead of calling it a lucky strike.

This boosts your self-confidence and commands in itself a sense of authority, responsibility and trust.

2. Never work free, well… almost

While you may consider working without pay as an ideal opportunity to learn new skills and gain more knowledge in a particular field, this may end up making you look like an inadequate professional. It goes on to show that you are willing to see yourself unfit for a remuneration while helping the company in achieving its targets. Only if the gained expertise and experience overweighs the amount of labour you put into a job, should you ever consider doing it for free?

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3. Demanding promotions instead of waiting for them

If you’re encountering more work than you used to before or have more liabilities than ever to perform under, it is probably time to ask for a promotion from your boss. A rise in your salary to better demonstrate the workload may also do fine. There is generally a scenario observed among female employees wherein they do not ask for a raise or a promotion in risk being turned down or fired.

Research has gone on to show that the first half of a Friday is the best time to have this conversation with your organisation’s HR department. Mondays are the worst.

4. Time equals Money

This is something we all have heard and isn’t something far away from truth in the present world of hardcore deadlines. A highly appealing trait to have in this fast-paced world is the ability to manage time in a streamlined and productive manner.

Peter Chochrane, an expert in Information Technology, says that, while some people save money at the cost of time others do the exact opposite, saving time at the expense of money. However, it is seen that the group which considers money inessential concerning time is the one which is more efficient as lost time can never be compensated for.

Expanding money to make systematic use of time goes on to make you more time efficient. An example may be buying things online instead of personally visiting a store.

5. Going beyond people’s expectations

Richard Branson, a world famous entrepreneur, says that to look different from others in a group it is necessary for you to go above and beyond what people assume of you. Working to the same extent as everyone else, you will never be able to develop at a deeper level as an intellectual.

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