5 Things one must avoid in front of an Interviewer

Are you going to face a job interview? Have you prepared for it? Here we have mentioned some of the important tips which can easily help you in your interview process. There are some things which an individual must avoid in front of an interviewer. They might not say these things at any cost. Just have a look at these and remember them for your interviews:

1) I’m affected with OCD
OCD is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is a mental illness affecting a large number of people. One should never tell this weakness as it can create a negative impact.

2) I want to know about the vacation policy
This might create a wrong impression as you haven’t even started working and you want to know about the vacation policy.

3) I’m not able to work with diverse people
Any organization will always expect his employees to work with diverse people in a coordinated manner. So if you want to achieve growth in the company you have to somehow manage to work with different people.

4) I quit my last job due to my company’s negative environment
Never tell anything negative about your last job or the employees over their as it can mark a negative impression of yours over here which can lower your chance of selection.

5) No, I don’t have any questions
Even if you’re running short of questions or do not have any question still you never tell this thing in front of an interviewer. As the company expect you to show your interest towards the organization by asking related questions.

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