5 Things which can make you an expert traveller on a flight

Are you a regular traveller through flights or haven’t travelled yet? Wish to be an expert traveller who knows every small detail about the flight? Then you’re just a step ahead. Yes, here we have mentioned 5 important details one must know while travelling on a flight. So, just have a look at these things-

1) The oxygen masks last for only a few minutes
The oxygen masks which are provided only lasts for 15 minutes. But this time is enough for a pilot to move the plane at lower altitudes.

2) The lights are dimmed intentionally
This is done to help the passengers to adjust to the night mode. Generally done in long distance journey or overnight journey.


3) Rough landings are sometimes due to the situation
People often think that the rough landings are due to pilot’s imperfection but actually, these types of landings take place for a safe landing during rough weather.

4) There is a special signal for Hijack
There is a secret signal through which the pilots can give signals regarding hijack by landing the plane by leaving the wings flapped open.

5) The most comfortable seat is near the wings
Yes, the window seats are the smoothest one to sit. The backseat is the most uncomfortable one.

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