5 Unknown Body Facts

A human body is filled with amazing facts and surprises but not every one of us is aware of these facts. Some of us might consider as a miracle but these are much more than it. Here we had bought a collection of five most unbelievable and unknown facts related to the human system which might surprise you-

1) Newborn babies are born without kneecaps
Yes, newborn babies are deprived of kneecaps and instead of that, they possess soft cartilage which later converts to hard cartilage once they are of 3 years old and starts walking.

2) Majority of people breathe using one nostril
Those people who use one nostril for breathing changes the side of the nostril in every four hours of interval.

3) Your pupil stretches when you are scared of something
Due to pupil enlargement, your eyes become wide open when you are scared. This happens for the clear visibility of your surroundings.

4) A newborn baby has greater number of bones
On an average, a normal human being possess 206 bones whereas a newborn baby has 270 bones which later on merges and form 206 bones at an adult phase.

5) Brain is the storage house for energy
The brain is an essential organ of our body and it possesses such a power which can even light a bulb without any additional sources.

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