6 myths on love people still trust.

6 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

People celebrate the very feeling of being in love. Birds and animals don’t brag about their partners the way us humans do. We buy them gifts, go for fancy lunch or dinners, dedicate music, so on and so forth. The most beautiful songs that have been created in this era and the most popular ones are the ones which revolve around love, desire and related topics.

We know the cliched version of relationships so much that we end up creating myths in our minds, for no particular reason whatsoever. Such myths tweak the thinking of the people in the relationship and influence their ideologies on love. Who knows, this mindset would end up doing more harm than good? They might end up putting unnecessary pressure on the bond. So what exactly are these myths? Let us read on to know more.

1. Opposites Attract

1. Opposites Always Attract

People believe that if you are entirely different from one another, you make a match. That may not be true! Having common interests, the perception of life and ideologies will make the duet stronger. If your mannerisms are not at par with one another, you would be highly disappointed one time or the other, leading to fights. Even when it comes to being parents, having a similar frame of mind always builds a  healthy environment for the kids to grow in harmony.

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2. You Can Change Your Partner’s Ways

2. You Can Change Your Partner’s Attitude and Disposition

Loving someone dearly could also involve being annoyed by certain things he or she does. You will only face disappointment if you think that you can change your partner’s ways or habits. If you have a highly contrasted nature, you will be too incompatible.  It is always better to have someone who is more like a reflection of your nature. Your partner would understand your needs better in this manner, and you will have a rather friendly relationship.

3. Live-In Relationships Are Bliss

3. Live-In Relationships Are A Great Way To Understand Each Other

People might believe that live-in relationships are great to know your partner greatly, but it could have his negative side too. You ought to make the relationship quite official as you now share the house. You will be under pressure almost all the time to get married by the society. This will impose arguments, which will, in the end, make you feel pretty insecure. Be patient and settle down with someone who is matured and has similar traits as you. You don’t want your live-in relationship to only grow with clashes and hurts.

4. You Find True Love In Your Soulmate Alone

4. You Find Real Love Only In A Soulmate

People don’t understand the true meaning of ‘soulmate.’ You end up believing that there could be just one person who is ideal for you in every way. Your partner would feel mentally exerted this way. No one is really custom-made for you. Grow as individuals when you are in a relationship, push one another to be better people and respect one another at all times. It will take adjusting and a bag of efforts to keep your relationship working harmoniously.

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5. Love Has An Expiry Date

5. Love Comes With An Expiry Date

You could be wrong if you believe that love has the tendency of fading away with time. People who have been dating for quite long still feel that rush and butterflies they faced at the start of the relationship. They grow more attached and fond of one another, with a lower graph of stress, which they might have felt initially. It is very much possible always to continue the love you will have at the very beginning of the relationship. Of course, you will have to put in efforts to make it work and be attentive towards one another too. That is the key to an ever-lasting passionate romance!

6. You Can Fall In Love At A Glance

6. You Can Fall In Love At First Sight

The world is so much into falling in love at first sight. But is it really love? The rush we feel when we first see them is mostly lust, and not love. More than physical attraction, you should consider factors like understanding, compatibility, respect and more in a relationship.

I am sure that these myths about love are common all over the globe! There is certainly no denying on how we have experienced and had faith in all that is mentioned above. What are your views on making a relationship work? Do let us know in the comments section below! Good day.