6 Myths related to hairs that prevent your hair from growing

Having long and dense hairs is a dream for almost every girl but growing hairs up to such an extent seem to be impossible. The major reason behind this is several myths regarding hairs and hair growth which works as a leading obstacle before this target. Here are some of the highlighted myths listed down. Just have a look at them and try to avoid these myths.


1) Losing a large number of hairs is bad
Well, that’s not true as there is a fact according to which we lose on an average 150-200 hairs on a daily basis and it’s a natural process due to follicle changes.


2) There are certain products which enhance hair growth
In the market, we observe several hair products which are so-called hair growth enhancer but the fact is that all these products, especially shampoos, are the same as your usual shampoo or hair product.

3) Both shampoo and conditioner should be applied to the entire length of hairs
The twist in this myth is that the conditioners should be mainly applied to the entire hair as compared to roots as it provides shiny and smooth hairs.

4) Cutting hair at tips enhances hair growth
It may reduce split ends but it never enhances hair growth as the growth takes place from the roots and not from the tips.

5) Ponytails and buns enhance hair fall
It is somewhere true only if you are making a tight ponytail or a tight bun. It weakens the root and causes hair fall.

6) There is difference between a woman’s hairs as compared to men’s
It is said only because of the way of maintaining hairs. Women use several hair products for maintaining hairs whereas men are restricted in this case.

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