6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans

Hacks to renew your jeans-Are you bored with your old pair of denim? Finding a way to discard them. No need to drop them you can just renew them by using some of these simple techniques. By using these, you can reuse your favorite pair of denim.

1) Tighten Lose Jeans
Do you wish for skin fit jeans? But your old one is lose fitted? Then there is a solution to regenerate your old pair of denim into new skinny ones with perfect waist size! All you need is an elastic strip to fix it. Take a flexible piece according to your final size. Sew the strip with the help of a sewing machine on the inner-backside of your jeans. And here is your new jeans ready.

6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans
2) Want to Rip your Jeans?
Wish for rip jeans? Then there is the solution. All you need is chalk, tweezers, a box cutter, and safety pins.
• Mark the area where you want the design using chalk.
• Slice horizontal strips with the help of a cutter.
• Pull threads apart with the help of safety pin and use tweezers for removing them vertically.
• Here are your ripped jeans ready.
You can also use a pair of scissors for cutting long horizontal strips all over the jeans.


6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans
3) Distressed Jeans
Want to create new and beautiful threads ripped pattern on your denim then you will need a grater for creating this look. You can create these designs where your jeans have the most number of stains or faded look.

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6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans
4) Reinvent Shrunken Jeans
Have your jeans shrunken in length? Not to worry you can still wear them by just reinventing their look by adding beautiful laces to their bottom. You can even use beads or sequins to create a different and unique look.

6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans
5) Wish for skinny jeans?
If you are bored with your bell-bottom or loose fitted jeans and are looking for a skinny one, then you don’t need to go anywhere. You can convert your old denim into new skinny one!!
• Firstly, with the help of safety pins marks the spots where you want the seams to be.
• After this, turn your jeans inside out and rip off the original seams.
• Finally, stitch the jeans at the new seam spots you marked with safety pins.

6) Bonus Tip.
If you wish to lose your jeans which are not of your size any more than just try this method:
• Wear your jeans and sit in the bathtub filled with warm water for a few minutes.
• This will lose your jeans and then wash them in hot water only one more time and then let them dry.

6 Simple Hacks To Renew Your Jeans

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