6 Things Your Body Language Says About You

Your words may say something else, but your body language expresses your real feelings. Basically body language is a study of different postures and movements of the body during a particular situation. Many people are unaware of this fact that your body says a lot about you.

How much space is there in front of your upper body?

It depends on the space you leave open in front of your upper body that how confident and open are you to your environment. You are in a defense mode if you cross your arms around your chest.


6 Things Your Body Language Says About You

If you continue this posture when you are around some people, then it suggests that you have trust issues or you need time to open up with new people, or you get nervous when there are many people around.

It may seem that you are very sure about your ideas and confident when you speak, but your body language only understands reality.

Where are your feet facing?

6 Things Your Body Language Says About You

According to experts, Your feet says a lot about you. They are the most honest part of your body. Our feet tell how we feel about others when they try to approach you.

Where do you usually place your arms?

If your arms crossed, then it means you are not emotional and open to receive the thoughts and opinions of others. Also in the case of personal relationships, it says you are not concern about the feelings of your lover/partner. It is possible that you are looking at them, responding to them by nodding your face but you don’t get what they are saying. Your partner may most of the time say that you never listen to me.

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6 Things Your Body Language Says About You

You must take care of your placement of arms and legs when you are listening to your colleague and friend. No matter if you are saying great ideas but your body gestures of crossed arms suggests that you don’t even care about their views.

How much space do you own in a room?

You must be concerned about how much space do you demand yourself when you are in a room for work, a brunch with friends. If you keep your hands and legs closed together as possible so that you take a little space, if you own a comfortable circle of the area around you, then it suggests that you have an excellent sense of self-worth.

Does your smile make your eyes crinkle?

It is so right that your lips can fake a smile but your eyes can not. You are genuinely smiling when your eyes crinkle. Many people smile to hide their real emotions. These emotions could be fear, nervousness, sadness, anger, etc.

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Do you raise your eyebrows often?

Raised eyebrows suggest discomfort and uncertainty. There are three kinds of emotions in which you build your eyebrows: surprise, fear, worry. Do check that how many times you raise your eyebrows during a day and check the reason why you raise your eyebrows. Frequent eyebrows raise suggests that you find it hard to face the challenges in your daily life.

Do you nod or not too much?

Nodding suggests attentive listening. If you are nodding in an exaggerated manner, then that means you are not listening. It’s almost like saying that “I can understand what you are saying”.

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