6 Traits a man observe in a woman before proposing her

A man will always look forward to some specific traits in a woman before proposing her in order to find the most compatible partner for himself and to maintain a long-lasting relationship. Here we mention 6 best qualities for which a man is looking for in his perfect partner. So ladies just have a look at these qualities and check whether you possess them or not? Just have a look at these-

1) Simplicity
Men love simplicity. They will always prefer a woman who is simple and will never try to fake herself. They always want their lady to remain same and be herself.

2) Straightforward
Those women who always reply in a straightforward manner or direct answer to a question are prioritize by men.

3) Patient enough to listen to him
Yes, men are searching for a lady who has a lot of patience just like them. They should have patience enough to listen to him.

4) Understanding
A woman should be understanding so that men can share and discuss every problem with them and also women can provide several possible situations to them.

5) Kind-hearted
A generous and kind-hearted lady attracts men due to her charisma and behaviour.

6) Intelligent
Obviously, a man would prefer a woman who has “Beauty with Brains”. She must be talented with a bright sense of humour and sharp knowledge enough to support her man.

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